40-50 meters

The limit for recreational scuba divers

scuba diver

70 Meters

Whale Sharks

Well, what are you?? A shark or a whale??

whale shark

214 meters

World record for deepest free-dive

Set by Herbert Nitsch, using a banned method of diving called “sled and inflatable”. Get crazy, Herbert

332 meters

World record for deepest scuba dive

Set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014

500 meters

Deepest dive by a blue whale

Waaaaaaaay toooooooo goooooooooo! Yep, we speak whale.

blue whale

sixth 535 meters

Deepest dive by a penguin

Completed by a small female Emperor penguin near Antarctica. You go girl!

735 meters

Atlantis supposedly found in Cuba

Now open to US tourists!

800 meters

Vampire Squid

Can turn inside out to escape predators. Why doesn’t it just turn into a bat?

900 meters

Deepest documented Giant Squid sighting


1000 meters

Maximum Depth that Sunlight Reaches

Maximum depth that sunlight reaches

1,100 meters

Deepest Recorded Active Volcano

West Mata in the Pacific Ocean—it’s lonely and lookin’ for lava!



Great White Shark

These guys live to be over 70 years old; long enough to film 10 more JAWS sequels!

orange roughy

1,800 meters

Deep Sea Cucumber

Great in salad!

2,210 meters

Bottom of the Black Sea

Connected to the ocean through two straits

2,330 meters

Depth at which a chicken egg will crack under the pressure

No, there are no sea chickens.


2,390 meters

Southern Elephant Seal Dives the Deepest in its Class

Put your flippers together for this guy!


3,000 meters

Deep Sea Anglerfish

Cute and cuddly. Every fish's favorite night light!


3,000 meters

Deep Sea Coral Reefs

trench wall
trench wall

3,680 meters

Average depth of the world's oceans

3,800 meters

Depth Where the Titanic Was Found

Right in the heart of the ocean

titanic scene
never let go, jack!

4,970 meters

Deepest Undersea Vents and Giant Tube Worms

Spew hot water! Yowza!


5,000 meters

Pacific Viperfish

Why viperfish, what big teeth you have!

trench wall
trench wall

5,607 meters

Molloy Deep, Arctic Ocean's Deepest Point

What's cooler than being cool? (Molloy Deep, that's what)

5,760 meters

Deepest Shipwreck

The SS Rio Grande found in 1996. Still looking for the deepest pirate ghosts...

6,000 meters

Maximum depth of Russian Mir Subs

3-person research vessel. Looks pretty cozy.


8,047 meters

Deepest Shipwreck

The SS Rio Grande found in 1996. Still looking for the deepest pirate ghosts...

10,898 meters

Trieste Reaches Challenger Deep

In 1960 Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard are the first to reach the deepest part of the ocean. Go Trench Deep!


10,916 meters

Deepsea Challenger reaches the Bottom of the Ocean

In 2012, James Cameron made the first solo manned descent to the bottom of the Challenger Deep. He's rumored to have been looking for the "heart of the ocean" (and Leo)

challenger boat