Sometimes I get emotional

Sometimes I get emotional

Sometimes I get emotional

Sometimes I get emotional

over fonts.






― Kanye West

Even when I was a kid in school, I didn't want to hang around other kids. Because kids are talking about getting girls, or deer hunting, or football.

Whereas I was interested in the

projective geometry,
new age music,
climate change,
and how to solve Rubik's cube.

― John B. Mclemore

For me, my biggest obstacle was always doubting myself.

I had to learn how to get out of my own way and stop criticizing every little thing

― Lisa Price

It's not you.

It's the



― Jill Vartenigian

La corrupción es como el aire acondicionado. Cuando lo prendés, escuchás el ruido, pero al tiempo dejás de escucharlo y convivís con él como si hubiera silencio. La corrupción, después de percibida, pasa a ser parte de la lógica de la vida.

― Jorge Lanata

Cada vez sospecho más que estar de acuerdo es la peor de las ilusiones

― Julio Cortazar

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

― Albert Einstein

In a snowstorm, when you’re trying to get from one place to another place, you never look up at the storm. You watch your feet. If you look up at the storm you will fall.

― George Lucas

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can do only a little. Do what you can

― Lisa Smith

You cannot get through a single day
without having an impact on the
world around you. What you do
makes a difference, and you have to
decide what kind of difference
you want to make

― Jane Goodall